29 May 2009

Warrant issued for Armstrong - again (Updated)

It seems that Armstrong did not appear for court Wednesday. This was to be his first court appearance since he was indicted by the grand jury last week.
11 News stopped by St. George’s Anglican Church, where Armstrong works now, to ask him why he didn’t show up for court. A church worker said he wasn’t there, even though his car was still in the parking lot.

A minute later, his secretary told us [Armstrong] was at the church, but was on the phone. When asked if he forgot about his court date she replied, “No” and went onto say that this was all a misunderstanding.

When [the news team left] the church, Armstrong’s car was gone.
I thought Armstrong said he and his "vestry" welcomed the opportunity to prove his innocence in court.

I really do feel sorry for him. It's never fun to be caught in a web of one's own making and see the reality close in about one's self.

You can read it all here.

UPDATE: Ann Fontaine at The Lead posts on the development in Colorado here.

UPDATE: James in Colorado reports that there was, indeed, a mix-up concerning the date of Armstrong's court appearance. Subsequently, the warrant was rescinded by the court.

I debated whether to remove the post altogether, but, since the story was reported in Colorado News papers and was "findable" on the web, I chose to leave my post up with the correction.