31 May 2009

Prayers requested for Coach Sachs

I bid your prayers for Ralph Sachs who is entering the last stages of his life. Mr. Sachs, "Coach Sachs" to tens of thousands of high school students has terminal cancer. He has known about it for the past eighteen months but decided to keep it quite so that it would not diminish his wife's joy in being Pioneer Day Queen (a huge deal in our local area).

Mr Sachs taught mathematics for fifty-one years and retired only when his wife had a heart attack several weeks ago. He is the man who convinced me that I was not a total idiot about math. I was 45-years old when he opened the world of math to me.

More than that, Mr. Sachs has been a friend to me my entire life. His oldest son was in my brother's school class and his youngest son was in my class. I have a very deep attachment to Mr. Sachs.

Therefore, I ask your prayers that his ending will be peaceful and pain free and that his wife, Elenore, will find the strength and comfort she needs in the days and weeks ahead.