03 June 2009

News from Colorado

The Gazette is reporting that there is a settlement in the Grace and St. Stephen's litigation in Colorado Springs.

According to reports, the schismatics have dropped their right to appeal thereby letting the trial courts' order become final.

As part of this "agreement," TEC will drop its claim for damages against the dissidents. Each side will pay its own attorneys' fees and costs.

According to diocesean chancellor L. R. Hitt II,
This has been a long, difficult and distressing dispute and we believe that this settlement is the first step towards reconciliation and healing.
The article states,

The former Episcopal Church members left because they thought the national church was taking a liberal theological direction. They were also upset over the diocese's investigation of the parish's rector, the Rev. Donald Armstrong, who is suspected of taking thousands of dollars from his church and a trust fund to pay for his children's college education from 1999 to 2006.

A grand jury indicted him last month on 20 counts of theft and he is free on $20,000 bail.

It should be noted that the criminal charges against Mr. Armstrong are not part of this agreement. Also, it should be noted that nothing in the articles address any possibly civil liability by Mr. Armstrong to the diocese or Grace and St. Stephen's.