13 June 2009

Chuch of Sweden moves closer to same-gender marriage

According to The Local, Sweden's English Newspaper, the Church of Sweden is moving closer to same-gender marriage rites for the church.

The broad church board decided that it had two choices according to Anders Lindberg, interim secretary general.
The board proposed the church continue to perform wedding ceremonies following new legislation which came into force on May 1st and grants same-sex couples in Sweden were granted the same legal marriage status as heterosexuals.

We have noticed a deeply entrenched desire, that the Church of Sweden, as a church of the people, should continue to perform weddings.

The alternative would have been that the church was no longer allowed to perform ceremonies, which is why, despite internal resistance, Friday's decision was expected.
As remarkable as that is, this statement by Archbishop Anders Wejryd:
When the church takes a stance on the issue of same-sex marriages, it is worthwhile to ask whether or not this is harmful or beneficial.

The church wants to support faithful relationship, and for us, from a biblical-theological perspective, the commandment of love supersedes other commandments and proscriptions in the Bible.
That, in my opinion, is a man who has listened to the Holy Spirit.

Read the whole article here. A tip of the biretta to Gören for the news.