11 June 2009

A new wrinkle in the Armstron case

Chanel 13 News reports that the Rev'd Donald Armstrong appeared in court yesterday. Armstrong, as you all know is suspected of having embezzled nearly four hundred thousand dollars from Grace and St. Stevens.
Police say Rev. Donald Armstrong took the funds to pay for his kids' college tuition. "It has been a very lengthy investigation," says Lt. David Whitlock with the Colorado Springs Police Department, "[investigators] have been putting a lot of hard work into it and they're not done yet."

An affidavit from CSPD states that Armstrong misused $392,000 and that he wrote monthly checks from July 1999 to March 2006. Those were the years Armstrong's children were in college. "There are hundreds upon thousands of pages of information that need to be looked at," says Whitlock of the lengthy investigation, "as well as computer records."
Armstrong's claim is that he was using the funds for scholarships for his children andthat he was authorized to do so by former wardens. However, police found no such documentation. Armstrong's attorney counted that the police had done away with the exonerating documents Armstong needs.
They took files of financial documents and computers. "It has to be done that way," says Whitlock, "when you have those kinds of disposable evidence that someone could get rid of if they [k]new we were coming."
Here is the really interesting bit and something I haven't heard heretofore. Whitlock said
It's not clear to us that he's the only suspect, certainly he's named in the warrant as being someone questioned about what happened to some of the monies there.
Who? Peter Akinola? Gregory Venables? Bob Duncan? The church janitor? The "think tank" housed at Armstrong's fortress?