24 June 2009

Duplicity, thy name is ACNA

The Washington Post has an article on the so-called ACNA convention.

The article tells us that, in addition to Lambeth Palace, nine provinces sent observers/representatives. The article did not identify the representatives or the provinces. I must say that nine of thirty-eight provinces isn't a very grand showing. I distinctly recall Duncan stating that the majority of provinces supported the schismatic movement in the AC. If so, why were they not represented at the convention.

That didn't matter to Duncan who proclaimed "The Anglican Province of North America has been constituted."

That is a falsehood. There is no "province" of North America. There is no 39th province of the Anglican Communion. The primates were resolute on that at the recent meeting. Facts/truth, however, never matter to the schismatics.

Duncan went on to say
There is a great reformation of the Christian church under way. While much of mainline Protestantism is finding itself adrift from its moorings ... there is an ever-growing stream of North American Protestantism that has re-embraced Scripture's authority.
I shan't hold my breath waiting for divorced and remarried schismatics to be excommunicated. Nor shall I expect liars, thieves and gossipers to be excommunicated, -- that would remove the entire leadership of the organization. So much for scripture's authority in their community.

Duncan sticks to the script though and even plays the "Robinson card." The problem is that a few paragraphs later his cohort in crime, Schofield, says
This represents more than 20 years of work and sacrifice. It's good to be part of a House of Bishops where there's love, cooperation and a desire to support each other.
Three things need a comment
  • Twenty years ago Robinson was an unknown cleric in a quiet wee diocese. Robinson cannot be the catalyst for the schism. the schism was planned twenty years ago.
  • There is no love or support in TEC's house of bishops? Schofield hasn't attended the TEC house of bishops for years and neither has Duncan. They have no clue how much love and support there was/is in that house. I will admit that it would have been difficult for the HOB to support Duncan and Schofiled as they attempted to steal TEC property and pervert the gospel.
  • What sacrifice? Not one of the schismatics, especially their leaders, sacrificed anything. The fact is, they tried to steal everything they could get their hands on.
The article points out another falsehood. As much as they would like the world to believe their organization is not based on hetrosexism and homophobia, but it's right there in their founding documents.
Among other provisions, [the canons] forbid ordination of practicing homosexuals and the blessing of same-sex unions.
No, this isn't about gays, but they put "no gays" into the founding documents. This isn't about women's ordination, but let's put no wimmin in the founding documents.

Someone is telling falsehoods here, folks. Who can it be.

An organization founded on deceit cannot endure. To accomplish their egotistical goals, they have lied to everyone about nearly everything.

Even if the various groups do not turn to cannibalism, the dishonesty will drive people away. There is a limit to how much dishonesty one can tolerate. There is a limit to how much abuse one will endure from leadership. The laity will leave, sooner or later, for other pastures.

But, they won't take the property with them! At least not in Texas. Iker recently told those of his clergy who were contemplating swimming the Tiber that they would go with his blessing but they would not take their parish property with them - not no how, not no way.

But, you say, doesn't their new constitution specifically state that the property belongs to the local parish not to the diocese? Ah, more duplicity.

UPDATE: In my post yesterday I predicted a great "falling away" as the duplicity was realized. Today Jim posts at the Lead that the ACNA figure of 100,000 member is now 69,000 members.

This means in one year they have gone from a "mega force to be reckoned with" of 250,000 down to 69,000 members in all of North America. No members, no property (except in Falls Church), fifty bishops. I wonder now many of that 69,000 are clergy. This organization is looking more like the Old Catholics every day.

Make sure to read Jim's post here.