25 June 2009

Strategic Planning and the Episcopal Church

"The Episcopal Church is at a watershed moment." So begins the plea by the Strategic planning committee for Episcopalians to complete a brief on-line survey.
We have the opportunity to become a truly multicultural church and are poised to effectively reach the "spiritual but not religious" in new ways. Technological and cultural changes sweep our planet at an ever-increasing pace. Never before has it been easier to spread our message. Never before has it been more critical for our message to be shared.
Folks, if you want your views known by the leadership of TEC, this is your chance. You have the opportunity to shape how we advance as a church. "Your voice sacred."
Your response will shape the decisions made by the Strategic Planning Committee as it drafts a plan for consideration by the church. The results of this survey will be publicly accessible this fall.
Please take three minutes and visit this site and take the strategic planning committee survey. This is a chance to make your views known to the national church.