05 August 2009

Vivat Iakavos!

While I was out having a day-late birthday dinner with friends in a loud restaurant called "The Cracked Crab" where the waiters were quite easy on the eyes, something wonderful happened and I missed it.

For a year I've been praying that Fr. Jake would start blogging again. The problem was, I wasn't specific in my prayers! I should have been praying, "Dear God, please bring Jake back to us, but let him keep his job!"

I've known the real Fr. Jake for about fifteen years or so and I consider him not just a priest, but someone I am honoured to call friend. I know that if I needed him, truly needed him, he'd be at my door as soon as he could get here.

And we, TEC, need him now. We are moving into a new era for our church and no one can bring Fr. Jake's unique understanding and clarity to the blogosphere.

So, TTLS and James, personally, welcomes the return of The Blog Father.

Vivat Iakavos. Vivat!