06 October 2009

Duncanites to lose property

The Episcopal Church in the United States is that which is part of the The General Convention. According to the ruling, which says that property is subject to the terms of the Stipulation of 14 October 2005.

Judge James stated that the TEC diocese never went out of existence and that
The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, affiliated with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone, led by Bishop Duncan, cannot continue to be the trustee of the Paragraph One property.
In considering what he described as the “narrow issue” of the October 2005 agreement, Judge James ruled
Regardless of what name the defendants now call themselves, they are not the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America.
Read it all here.

What is going to be so odious to the schismatics is that they've been saying TEC will have to negotiate with them about property. The judge said the schismatics will have to negotiate with the rightful property owners - TEC.

But remember, friends, this is far from over. As long as the schismatics have one red stolen penny, they'll fight for the property - even though they don't care about the property, they'll have to be dragged kicking and screaming from the buildings.

At issue in this ruling are diocesan endowments, bank accounts, and other resources used in conducting day-to-day business valued in excess of $15 million.

Make sure to visit the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh's web page and read about this decision.

UPDATE: Our friend, Jim Naughton, has done his usual great job of sumarizing the news. YOu'll find it at Episcopal Cafe.