19 March 2010

Akinola takes on Gaddafi

We don't hear much from the used-to-be self proclaimed leader of the Calvinist movement of the Anglican Communion, The Rt. Rev. Peter Akinoal. His fifteen minutes of fame have passed, Deo gratias.

But he's in the news again, for a different reason. And, he's retiring as the archbishop-primate of Province III of the Church of Nigeria. Not content to go quietly into that good night, he is taking on Libyan leader, Mmammar Gaddafi.

In an interview with The Punch, purported to be Nigerias' most widely read newspaper, he responds to Gaddafi's proposal that Nigeria be divided into two countries: one Muslim, one Christian. Akinola said
How can you be calling for the splitting of Nigeria into separate Christian and Muslim countries when you have Christians who are indigenes of the north and Muslims who are in digenes of the south and vice versa within the country.
That's a valid point. But, Akinola, being the grand ego he is, goes on to deliver what he believes is the coup de grace:
I have said it many times that Gaddafi is not a reasonable person, and I want to advise that we should ignore him.
That gave me the first laugh of the day. This is a case of one idiot calling another idiot an idiot. And Peter should be a bit more caring, the Anglican Communion has been saying that about Akinola for years. Well, as the French say, ce qui vaut pour l'un veut aussi pour l'autre.* But, we are talking about Mr. Akinola and logic has never been part of his mental process nor that of the schismatics.

*What applies to one applies to the other - or to put it in the vernacular, "what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander".