21 March 2010

Happy Birthday Sebastian

On this date 325 years ago, in 1685, was born the greatest musician of all the ages past, present and future. That fact is a given and even the likes of Stravinsky stated that any musician, who wished to be true musician, but study the compositions of JS Bach.

Although the world remembers JS Bach as a musician, he was first, and foremost a theologian/preacher. But his sermons are not contained in dusty volumes on the shelves of a seminary library. His sermons are preached daily throughout the world to millions of people.

Given that Johann was a family baptismal name (nearly every family member for three generations received the name Johan), I'm sure everyone called him Sebastian. So, Happy Birthday, Sebastian! Without you and your magnificent music, the world would be dreary, indeed.

Make sure to read this article which will explain the photo I chose for this post.