10 March 2010

Glasspool recieves concents of Standing Committees

According to the news release from the Diocese of Los Angeles, the Rev. Mary Glasspool has received a majority of Standing Committee consents needed to confirm her election as specified by the canons of the church. There has been no release of the number of bishops who have consented although The Rt. Rev John Bruno says he expects "the final few consents to come in from the bishops in the next few days."

According to the release,
The Los Angeles Standing Committee reported March 10 that within the last 64 days it has received 61 consents needed to the election of Glasspool, and 78 consents to the election of Bruce. In each election a majority of 56 consents was needed from the counterpart Standing Committees of the 110 dioceses of the Episcopal Church.
My congratulations to both bishops elect.

What a great day for the Church!