11 March 2010

Hesitant baby step into the future

Yesterday, I ended my post with "What a great day for the church."

Today, I read Fr. Jake's comments and thanked God that Fr. Jake is posting again. His post prompted me to expound on yesterday's comments.

The will of the General Convention is now a reality. We have officially repudiated B033. The Episcopal Church has moved on into the future - I must admit it is a hesitant baby step, but it is a step into the future nonetheless. Additionally, the Anglican Communion has moved on, too. The Rev. Ms. Glasspool's election, consent and consecration are and will be a non issues.

I commented over on Fr. Jake's blog that even the most severely mentally disordered recognize a modicum of reality.

That reality is that the war is over. The final battle took only three small shots to win. Three "no" votes by the Mother Church that were the death knell for the schismatics. Anglicanism, and indeed the Anglican Communion, was saved on that day in England. We owe a great debt to the Church of England for this.

There will be some low rumblings of pomposity from all the usual suspects, but that rumbling will be just a last gasp of “Listen to us, dang it, I said Listen to ME!”

Fortunately, God listens to all of us:
He sees not labels but a face,
a person, and a name.
Thus freely loved, though fully known,
may I in Christ be free
to welcome and accept his own
as Christ accepted me

-Brian A. Wren, Hymn 603, Hymnal of 1982
I am very thankful for that hymn. As I develop a deeper friendship and relationship with our "new chick priest," I realize more deeply that there is nothing that can separate us from God's love for us in Jesus, the Christ. And, I appreciate that hymn even more.

But I'm much more thankful for a God who, when he looks at us, sees nothing but the face of his son and feels that deep, deep love for him and for us.

I feel sorry for those who cannot see or accept God's full love for all of humanity - indeed, for all of creation.

PS: Interestingly, by some odd bit of coincidence, this is my 603rd post.