27 May 2010

Duncan forcing the ABC to act?

In an interesting news item this morning, Changing Attitudes is reporting that, in Christianity Today, the Homosexuality Church is inviting Church of England clergy to come and minister to the so called American organization.
ACNA said the clergy swap would be an opportunity for Church of England parishes and clergy to express their solidarity and friendship with ACNA churches.

Participating clergy will be matched to churches with similar preaching and ministry styles and serve.
And to once again prove that this whole new schismatic organization is founded on homosexuality, we have the following to present.
Institutionally the [Church of England] seems to be sitting on the fence. The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that the consecration of Mary Glasspool in TEC is 'regrettable'; yet the [Church of England] has not fully embraced ACNA.

An important contribution at this stage will be for parishes and clergy to express solidarity and friendship with clergy and parishes in ACNA.”
CA submits
Chris Sugden and Paul Perkin’s letter to C of E clergy invites them to disobey the rule which expressly does not allow ACNA clergy to exercise ministry in parishes in this country. Anglican Mainstream and ACNA want a free-for-all in the Anglican Communion, having advocated the crossing of Provincial boundaries for some years, and now telling priests to ignore the will of General Synod

So, this is how Duncan is going to get in the backdoor of the Anglican Communion - or so he thinks. But the big question is, What will Rowan do? What will he do?" I don't know what he will do (probably nothing) but I can be he wishes Duncan was roasting in hell right now.