24 May 2010

So long, Dottie; from a grateful country

I don't follow sports, but this news item is something I need to post.

When she was 17-years old, Dorothy Hinson Kamenshek, was persuaded to play baseball by a scout from the All-American Girls Baseball League.

Though her cinematic alter-ego quit after a season, the real-life pioneer was a star of the Rockford Peaches from 1943 to '51 and then again in 1953, leading her team to four league championships.

Hinson-Kamenshek was called ''the fanciest-fielding first-baseman I've ever seen, man or woman'' by Yankees first baseman Wally Pipp, Kamenshek was named to seven all-star teams before retiring after the 1953 season.

Dottie died today. Thank you, Dottie for helping to keep the American spirit up during the Second World War and proving women can play baseball as well, if not better, than men.