23 June 2010

On the Lite Side - the BCP

For a change of pace in my usual weightier posts, I'd like to tell you about one of the new forms of evangelism. YouTube is really a wonderful site and its potential for evanelisation is really underrated. One of the few mainline YouTube Evangelists is Fr. Matthew.

Fr. Matt has a variety of clips on YouTube and they are a immensely popular. His presentations are hip, upbeat, informative and fun. His latest is a presentation on the Book of Common Prayer as authorized for use by The Episcopal Church.

If your are looking to spice up your confirmation classes, Fr. Matt's clips are one of the best ways to do it. Both young and old will enjoy watching him and Jehoshaphat explain things Episcopal. (You really have to see his presentation on the schism.)

You will find his web page here, and his Facebook fan site here. And if you aren't "on" Facebook, lose your Ludditeness and create an account - it is the present and future. Even my parish has a Facebook page here.

Here is his Book of Common Prayer in under four minutes. Enjoy!