22 June 2010

Telling it like it is - a report on the EC meting by Katie Sherrod

Much cyber ink has been spilled about the recent meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) and the Very Rev'd Kenneth Kearon. Canon Kearon was present at the request of the EC to talk about the recent actions of Lambeth Palace.

Blog sister, and member of the EC Katie Sherrod has provided us the most thorough report to date at Desert's Child. Here is the $64,000 dollar question and answer:
Bishop Wendell Gibbs, Bishop of Michigan, asked the stumper, “The Church of England remains in full communion and ecumenical dialogue with the Old Catholic Church, which blesses same-sex unions, and the Church of Sweden, which has a partnered lesbian bishop and blesses same-sex marriages. Given this fact, how are we to reconcile the removal of Episcopal Church members from ecumenical bodies?

LONG silence ensued. He looked at Wendell like a calf looks at a new gate. He clearly didn't know where to go.

Canon Kearon hemmed and hawed and finally said that there are different types of full communion and that the sticking point is being able to represent the Communion vis a vis faith & order. Wendell stressed the point of who the Church of England is in communion with, but Canon Kearon had nothing more of substance to say.
I checked the ODE and I can only find one meaning for "full" - it never means partial or conditional. Perhaps the Canon needs to consult his dictionary.

It is very interesting that certain blogs are vilifying the EC for it's "grilling" of the Rev'd Mr. Kearon. They are presenting the Q&A session as just short of the Spanish Inquisition. It gives one pause to wonder just what reality they are operating under. 

Make sure to read Katie's post; it is enlightening.