18 September 2010

Armstrong pleads "No contest" to theft charges.

Sometimes I sit on a story because I just don't want to post it. This is one such story. Thanks to the Lead for reporting it so I can just comment and send you over there for the read.

One of ACNA's poster boys has pleaded no contest to felony theft charges.  The Rev. Don Arrnstrong had long contended he would be proven innocent of charges. That has not proven to be the case.
Armstrong had claimed the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado had trumped up the charges and the true nature of the dispute was rooted in theological differences. Martyn Minns and Peter Akinola immediately accepted Armstrong and his congregation into CANA even while threat of state criminal prosecution hung over Armstrong.

This is a sad day for the church universal. So many people have been wounded because of this man's actions. Read more at the Lead.