18 September 2010

A spin better than a twister

As you probably know by now, Mr Armgstrong has pleaded "no contest" to a charge of grand theft. Armstrong is one of the favourites of the schismatics in ACNA. As soon as the deal was announced, the spin started over on a virtueless site. Even I startled by their hybris and unmitigated bravado this time.
We believe that the courts are not the place to deal with theological differences, and that to have allowed this dispute to continue to be played out in the news by going to trial would have served only to diminish all Christian witness. With this plea offer now in place such further harm to the entire church in this already difficult age for Christianity will be prevented. [Emphasis added]
Even now , after the favored son has admitted he stole the money ("no contest" is an admission of guilt without having to say the words) they are still portraying him as the martyr maximus of the "theologically persecuted."
The truth is, of course, they don't want the courts to deal with the matter. The scrutiny of the legal system will cause their church of cards to collapse and expose them as the deceitful pirates that they are. They would have been tarred and feathered in the public eye and their martyr card would be revoked.
Now, be sitting down before you read this next quote:
We further believe the disparity between the magnitude of charges made against Father Armstrong by the Episcopal Diocese and the final content of the plea agreement vindicates not only Father Armstrong, but also clearly affirms our confidence that we ran an effective and well managed church in our days at the helm of Grace & St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, and continue to do so at St. George's Anglican Church.
So, if we believe the spin, Armstrong sacrificed himself (but only .00001 percent)  to keep the judicial system from dealing with the theology of the schismatics and to prove he and the schismatic thieves were really honest?

I tell you, Walt Disney on LSD couldn't have created fantasy as good as this. I had decided not to comment on Armstrong's admission of theft, but the spin wouldn't let me remain silent.