31 August 2008

The Dark Lord of San Joaquin strikes

For a rude beginning to the week, news comes to us from The Grapevine that Mr. Schofield has fired a priest who indicated he will stay with TEC. Fr. Trino Correa was given twenty-four hours to vacate his office and his residence. Talk about Christian love. Well, having known Dave for more than thirty years, he was never known for love for charity unless he was on the receiving end.

Pray for Fr. Correa, his Hispanic congregation, and all the priests who wish to remain Episcopalian but are in fear of their livelihood.

Almighty and everlasting God,
whom cometh every good and perfect gift:
Send down upon our bishops, and other clergy, espcieally Fr. Correa,
and upon the congregations committed to their charge,
the healthful Spirit of thy grace:
and, that they may truly please thee,
pour upon them the continual dew of thy blessing.
Grant this, O Lord, for the honor of our Advocate
and Mediator, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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CORRECTION OF UPDATE: Fr. Davis was not fired, but reassigned to St. Paul's. He did not sign "TEC papers" and remains firmly in Dave Schofield's sect. Thanks to Susan O. for this information.