02 September 2008

The ship of fools sets sail

I was given a wonderful laugh this evening when I received an “alert” about a new GAFCON posting. You will find it over on one of the hate sites. I will probably get into trouble for posting a portion, but I suppose it is worth it.

Make sure you ready the third paragraph very slowly.

Do not have any liquid in your mouth, or any open containers of liquid close.

Please move all the furniture with sharp edges so that when you fallout of your chair laughing, you will not injure yourself and litigate with me.

When the GAFCON primates met in London to decide how they would respond to the Lambeth Conference, they made their position abundantly clear - there will be no going back on what was accomplished in Jerusalem. The new ship of Anglican [fundamentalistism] has set sail. It will not turn back.

In a single breath, they rejected any overture by the Archbishop of Canterbury that would require them to compromise on the faith once for all delivered to the saints. They will have no truck with sexual behavior outside of heterosexual marriage between a man and a woman.

The finality in their communiqué must have sent chills around Lambeth Palace and across town at the Anglican Communion Office run by Canon Kenneth Kearon and his liberal staff.

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. Talk about ego. Any road, sorry for another post today, but this one was too good not to tell you about.

The word in italics replaced a certain word I will not allow used about the fundamentalists. Read the rules for posting and you will know what word I replaced.

And notice that we are still hearing that “faith once delivered” nonsense. There was no faith delivered. It was developed and voted upon and changed repeatedly throughout the past two thousand years. They just refuse to recognise the truth when they see it.

Type the first few words of this post into a search engine and you’ll find the article. It really is worth a read. Once you have read it, please come back and tell me your reaction/opinion, please.