24 September 2008

A day of fasting

Tomorrow we have an opportunity to experience what a large percentage of the world's population experiences each day. We have been asked to fast for the day, or, at least to forgo one meal and pray for the MDG.

A link to "sign up" for the fast is here. If you are a blogger, there is another link I urge you to visit, it is here. You may follow that link, sign up, and then put the badge on your blog and join the webring.

I urge everyone who reads this blog to join in the fast. It is scandalous that the world's population is very familiar with hunger. I read recently that each day, people living in the United States throw out enough food to feed the entire world's population. That is a sin, sisters and brothers.

If you chose to join the fast, I ask you to give up your evening meal so that you may go to bed hungry. Each day million upon millions of people do just that. In the United States hunger is a companion to far too many people -- including children. Calculate the money that one meal would cost and donate it to a local organization that feeds those in need.

With all my heart, I urge you to do this.

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