23 September 2008

The letter of Deposition

Most Episcopalians (or Anglicans for that matter) have never seen a letter of deposition. I though you might find Mr. Duncan’s letter of deposition an interesting read. I did not know that there is a “Recorder of Ordinations.”

September 19, 2008

TO: The Secretary of the House of Bishops
The Secretary of the General Convention
The Bishops of the Episcopal Church
The Recorder of Ordinations
The Church Pension Fund
The Church Deployment Board
All Archbishops and Metropolitans
All Presiding Bishops of Churches in Communion with The Episcopal Church

Deposition of a Bishop

The Title IV Review Committee having certified on December 17, 2007, pursuant to Canon IV.9.1 of the Episcopal Church, that the Rt. Rev. Robert W. Duncan, Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, has abandoned the Communion of the Church, and a majority of the members of the House of Bishops entitled to vote having consented to this Deposition at a meeting of the House of Bishops in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 18 September, 2008, I hereby depose The Right Rev. Robert W. Duncan, Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and declare that from and after 12:01 a.m. Saturday, 20 September, 2008, Bishop Duncan shall be deprived of the right to exercise the gifts and spiritual authority of God's word and sacraments conferred at ordination in this Church and further declare that all ecclesiastical and related secular offices held by Bishop Duncan shall be terminated and vacated at that time.

I hereby direct that this Deposition be served upon Bishop Duncan forthwith and that copies thereof be expeditiously sent to the Ecclesiastical Authority of every Diocese of this church, to the Recorder of Ordinations , the the Church Deployment Office, to the Secretary of the House of Bishops, to all Archbishops and Metropolitans, and to all Presiding Bishops of Churches in communion iwht this Church.

signed the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, XXVI Presiding Bishop,

+Richard Chang, Episcopal Witness and +Ken Price, Jr, Episcopal Witness

Does anyone know why the CPF was notified. Will Mr. Duncan’s pension be terminated?

Reading this letter of deposition made me incredibly sad. How tragic that it had to reach this point.