25 November 2008

Venables to be disciplined?

According the The Times, Ruth Gledhill reports that there is a move afoot to discipline the Province of the Southern Cone at the next meeting of the Primates. Gledhill's actual word is "punish." I have to admit, my first response was "yeah, so what."

The deal is done and the ink is dry on the page of schism. The ACC has waited far too long to act, just as the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church waited too long to act in the depositions of bishops who clearly showed a complete contempt for the Church they took an oath to uphold.

The problem with Venables (whom the schismatics insist on calling "archbishop" -- something he is not) is that he, like Akinola, Schofield, Duncan and Iker, do not care what anyone else in the Anglican world thinks. Their street gang makes all the rules for themselves and the rest of the Anglican world can simply like it or go to hell - literally - in their opinion.

Had the ACC and the HOB acted responsibly, we would not be in the midst of schism. But, instead, they capitulated to the school yard bullies and bullies only become embolden when people hand them what they want.

Of course, the crypto-Calvinists have already started the "it's not us, it's they who are the problem" rhetoric. Their argument boils down to this: "TEC has the money to force the ACC to do TEC's Bidding." The roundheads are, of course, innocent lambs being sacrificed to the pagan god of TEC by the heretic presiding bishop - the woman bishop!"

We've heard it all before and will hear it again, and again.

But if the ACC and primates do discipline Venables and the SC, it could be the best possible news for TEC. The courts will see that it is the roundheads who have left, not TEC. That might be excellent news regarding property issues.

Go read the article and tell me what you think. Keep in mind that Ruth is frequently misinformed, shall we say.

After you're read the article and commented thereupon, go read The Grapevine today. It is more than worth your time to do so.