26 January 2009

Answer to a reader's comment

From time to time, I make a reference to a "source" in my posts. Not long ago I received and e-mail asking about the "source." The reader asked:
Is your source just one person or do you have a spy ring of informants?
That's an exact quote. I rather like that, "James, Ace of Spies." No, it just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it.

One of the "perks" of being a lifer in TEC is that if one is even margionally active at the diocesan level, one meets all sorts of interesting people. In addition, I have been fortunate enough to attend several General Conventions. That presented me the opportunity to meet delegates (and even a few bishops) from all parts of this Church.

Those relationships have been invaluable since I began TTLS. Many of my friends have gone on to have careers in the National Church and in diocesan and province circles. I even have a source who well connected in the schismatic movement.

A few years ago, I spent the summer in the United Kingdom where I met many amazing people. Three of those people are connected to Canterbury, if you get the drift. Another person is well connected to the Church in Wales.

The UK connections were by total accident. I was in a pub eating lunch and i asked someone where the nearest Internet connection might be. I mentioned to my traveling companions that I needed to see what "Fr. Jake is talking about today." Two tables away was a person who was also Fr. Jake reader. He introduced me to the three people at his table and the rest is history.

When I started TTLS, I emailed all of these friends and gave them the URL. (It was a shameless attempt to get readers.) That turned out to be a brilliant piece of work because I frequently receive emails from them passing on interesting information.

Some information is sent to me with the request that I pass the information to a specified third party blogger. That ensures the source is completely anonymous.

Other information comes with "strings." I'm asked to sit on the information until a specific date or until something "official" is said.

None of this post is meant as self aggrandizement. Rather, it is just to show how dumb luck sometimes turns out to have the most remarkable consequences.

So, "anonymous," I hope this answers your question.