30 January 2009

TTLS has been noticed in Schofield's front yard

The TTLS's post on Mr. Schofield's attempted coup d-etat has been picked up many places around the web One such news outlet is Recordnet.com, "News worth sharing online." Here is a quote from Michael Fitzgerald's comments in "A blogger nails schismatic Episcopal bishop":
The Three-Legged Stool gives the best analysis I've seen yet of the San Joaquin Valley's Episcopal schism: a vast, oversized diocese meant many parishes far removed from the center became parochial; ultra-conservative Bishop John David Schofield replaced subordinates with loyalists; and when they split off, they took the property, because to generations of worshippers deeply connected to these places the property is the church.
You'll find the piece here. Look for the entry 29 January 2009.

Mike Fitzgerald is The Record’s award-winning metro columnist. Born in San Francisco, he was raised in Stockton, taking a hiatus only once to earn a B.A. in journalism at California State University, Fresno. He has worked at The Record since 1985. "His column ranges through different beats including, sometimes, the offbeat." I wonder, is TTLS the "offbeat?"

My thanks to the many readers who have informed me about the the article being commented upon in so many places. And as always, many thanks to the sources who contribute to TTLS's articles.

So why did I post about the Recorder mention? Because it's Schofield's "hometown" newspaper.