31 January 2009

Prayers for my family

I would like to ask your prayers for my cousin's family, the Elliotts. They have been married 58 years.

Husband, Bernard has not been well for a number of years due to emphysema. Last week a small cancerous tumor was removed from inside his femur. We learned yesterday that he has stage four cancer and the doctors believe he will only live a few weeks.

Wife Zela is not in good health, either, and mentally, she is not dealing with the news well.

Three of their children are mentally disabled (40s -50s in age) and we have not told them that Bernie is dying. That is our task this week.

Bernie and Zela have become estranged from TEC due to the influence of Schofield. Please pray that they will allow me to call one of our local male priests. Zela said today the only TEC priest she would let in Bernie's hospital room is Fr. Martin.

This coming week we will bring Bernie home for the duration. I will be part of the care-giving team.

Please pray that if earthly healing is not in God's plan for Bernie, that he will not have pain, or that the pain can be managed without him being "comatose."