21 August 2009

Lutherans do it!

Breaking news -

Thirty minutes ago the Evangelical Lutheran Church has passed a motion to accept the ministry of clergy in same-gender monogomous relationships.

From the Star-Tribune of Minneapolis:
The 559-451 vote marks a historic change for the 4.8 million ELCA members, including 830,000 in Minnesota.

The vote repeals the ELCA's ban on gay clergy unless they agreed to remain celibate. The new position allows the installation of gay pastors but leaves the decision to call a gay pastor up to individual congregations and synods.

Good news, indeed. But it's not all great news. The Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod is bound to gain a few congregations from this. Although, the theological differences between the LDMS and the ELCA is light years apart. A split of some sort will come, I predict.
With the Episcopalians headed toward a likely split over the appointing of gay bishops, ELCA leaders are well aware of the risks with this divisive issue.

"The word of the Lord will endure forever," said Wayne Jacobson, of the Northeast Iowa Synod, "and this vote won't change it."