20 August 2009

Putting the Roundhead numbers game in perspective

Of all the things I should blog about today, I've decided to give you a snippet from an article in Newsweek by Lisa Miller.

She writes of the events in TEC over the past few years. The final paragraph of the article contains one gem that puts the power of the schismatics in perspective.
Following the story was difficult—a little bit like reading a Russian novel where you can't remember anyone's name ... In the end, number of actual people who have seceded from the Episcopal Church is about 100,000. They would, in other words, fill Wembley Stadium—something Michael Jackson managed to do 10 times over. [Emphasis added]
It's rather sad that Michael Jackson could muster ten times the followers the Roundheads can. But that fact won't bother Duncan: He's no Michael Jackson, he's Martin Luther reincarnated.