18 August 2009

The quote of the year

One of the blogs I read is Telling Secrets by Elizabeth Keaton. I greatly admire her

In a post she made a couple of days ago, we find this comment regarding an exchange she had, via e-mail, with someone who, shall we say, misrepresented himself.
1. Never trust a skunk. Oh, they are soft and cute and furry and it's not that they mean any harm. It's just in their nature to pee on you whenever they feel the need to defend themselves.

2. Skunks don't change their stripe. Nothing you can say or do will move or change anything they believe.

3. Never enter a conversation, dialogue or debate with a skunk about scripture. They really don't want to know what you know or think or believe. They just want an opportunity to show you what - and how much - they know and think and believe. (See lessons one and two above.)
I've laughed hours over that statement! It is so true and so apropos to the researter diatribe.

Thank you, Elizabeth - as the Germans say, "Gut gesagt!"