09 July 2008

Blogging from Lambeth grows officially and unoffically

Media Press Release from The Episcopal Church (affectionately known as “815”).

Comprehensive written and multimedia coverage of the 2008 Lambeth Conference and Spouses Conference will be provided by Episcopal Life Online throughout the July 16-August 3 gatherings in Canterbury, England.

Official media briefings and reports of special events -- including the July 20 Opening Eucharist and the July 24 walk of bishops for the Millennium Development Goals in London -- will be posted to Episcopal Life Online as on-demand video streams.

An initiative of the Episcopal Church's public affairs office, daily accounts of the activities of the Lambeth Conference, penned by different bishops, will be released each conference day. These bishops will also serve as official media briefers. In addition to Episcopal Life Online, the daily accounts will be available on EpiScope and NewsLine.

A team of bishops will serve as Blogging Bishops, which will be available on The Lambeth Journal. The bishops will include Sean Rowe of Northwestern Pennsylvania (lead blogger); Laura Ahrens, suffragan of Connecticut; Marc Andrus of California; Larry Benfield of Arkansas; Sergio Carranza, assistant of Los Angeles; Neff Powell of Southwestern Virginia; Bavi Edna "Nedi" Rivera, suffragan of Olympia; Jean Zache Duracin of Haiti.

Meanwhile, the September issue of Episcopal Life's monthly newspaper will carry conference wrap-up news, features and analysis, while August editions of the Episcopal Life Weekly bulletin inserts will continue to address conference-related themes.

See the previous post for a list of blogging bishops, clerics and lay folk. I will be reading Duncan’s blog to see what the GAFCON group thinks.