10 July 2008

GAFCON's newest seismic actvity

Here in California we are accustomed to small quakes. Many times these small quakes will cause a crack in the plaster. It’s just part of the price we pay for living in California.

Today there was a small tremor that caused a crack – in GAFCON. Apparently the Primate of Hong Kong, The Most Rev’d. Paul Kwong, is not in the Akinola fold after all. Kwong criticized the recent conference and its manifesto. He said that GAFCON inflicted “severe harm” to the whole Anglican Communion.

He also criticized the GAFCON primates for refusing to dialogue with the rest of he Communion and also for chosing to boycott Lambeth.

Adding to the fire was the archbishop’s comment that Anglicans with various opinions on human sexuality need to “address their concern though Dialogue.”

Although Kwong is opposed to the consecration of openly gay bishops and also same-gender blessings, he said the “church rejects traditionalists’ plans to set up a Primate Council without the mandate of the Communion.”

He also urged all provinces to “respect the traditional mechanisms and organizationa structures” which were implemented to deal with challenge and also urged the Communion to solve the differences though dialogue.

Can we say, “crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrack?” Read about it here.