12 July 2008

The Telegraph interviews our Presiding Bishop

The more I know of and about our Presiding Bishop, the more I love her.

The American Indians received a birth name and throughout their lives, they might have many name changes. The changes were based on some task accomplished, a deed of bravery, or something humorous the person did.

Well, I think we should practice that custom and give Bishop Jefferts Schori a new name. I propose “Fearless Kate.” Or, perhaps, “Kate the brave.”

Now, our primate has stepped into the debate on women bishops in the Church of England. In an interview in Tuesday’s Telegraph, ++Jefferts Schori said

"I think there's a whole range of reasons why people aren't comfortable with the idea [of women bishops].

"It's personal antipathy, and it's a misunderstanding of leadership in the early church. The early church had women in leadership roles."

This is not going to go over well on some sites we will not mention. I can hear the outcry, now.

Dr. Jefferts Schori weighed in on the debate over openly gay clergy according to the article in the Telegraph

When asked if she thought the Anglican Communion is heading for a schism over the introduction of women bishops and homosexual clergy, she replied, "There is a great deal of anxiety around the Communion and the world. People are faced with a range of changes and a pace of change that is unknown in human history. But all will be well.

"The Elizabethan settlement was about keeping together people who have vastly different opinions and people were ready to die and kill each other then. This is a slightly lower level of hostility."

[S]he dismissed the threat of orthodox Anglicans who are planning to create a rival structure to her church because of its liberal stance on homosexuality.

The LDS have a hymn whose first line is, “We thank thee O God for a prophet to guide us in these latter-days.” I think Episcopalians should adopt that line and say it many times a day. Thank you, God, for our presiding bishop and her prophetic voice. Thank you for her wisdom when I was criticizing her for not coming down like a ton of bricks on renegade bishops.