23 July 2008

Is he, or isn't he? Where is Pete?

It’s bad form to post more than once per day, I think. But the following gobsmacked so much that I have to post it.

Here is a very curios bit from the 23 July issue of The Guardian by Riazat Butt.

The spat between the Sudanese and the Americans has added a new meaning to the word "frenemy". A few weeks ago, the Africans enjoyed the hospitality of the Salisbury diocese with - wait for it - members of the US Episcopal church.

Fast-forward to Lambeth and it is mitres at dawn - well, from the Sudanese, anyway.

But what will happen on Saturday, at a cheese and wine party the Africans have been invited to? Will there be razors in the Roquefort? Bleach in the Burgundy?

And those divisions at Canterbury keep on coming. First there were flying bishops, then super bishops, and now there are secret bishops. Organisers will confirm how many bishops have registered but, unlike at previous conferences, will not name them. "Unspecified security reasons" prevent the release of their identities.

Less than 24 hours later, it became a privacy matter. When pressed, a spokesman could not confirm whether the archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola, had left Canterbury, puzzling those who assumed he never arrived in the first place.

Eighteen months ago, I commented on a "friend's" blog that Akinola could not stay away from Lambeth. I went on to say I postulate that he would show up and hold secret meetings. This curious bit from The Guardian makes me wonder if I was correct.

Are there any life sightings of Akinola outside of England? And where, exactly, are Minns and his computer?