23 July 2008

Sudan's archbishop sticks his foot into his mouth

One of the demands a certain insignificant archbishop made yesterday was that TEC cease litigation over stolen property. Well, well, well. The hypocrisy just never ends, does it?

Consider this too-good-to-be-true news published in The Lead.

Yesterday, the Episcopal Church of Sudan urged the Episcopal Church to suspend all litigation against breakaway churches attempting to leave the denomination but maintain possession of the parish property. Their call has an ironic twist, as is evident in the latest newsletter of the American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan. (See pages 10-11.)

In brief, the Episcopal Church of Sudan lost control of its guesthouse to the Reformed Episcopal Church of the Sudan. The RECS said that it broke from the ECS because the ECS condoned homosexuality. The guesthouse was then sold to a Sudanese corporation. The Episcopal Church of Sudan sued. In March, it won. An Episcopal church in Virginia and members of American Friends of the Church of Sudan helped pay for the lawsuit. [Emphasis added.]

Yet, TEC must forsake litigation of stolen property. Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up! I wonder which Virginia Episcopal Church funded the lawsuit.

Every time a GAFCONITE opens his mouth (and yes, they are male mouths) more hypocrisy and lies are exposed to the world.

UPDATE: This is off topic, but, The Three Legged Stool has "arrived." It has been referred to over at Stand-for-nothing. I'm so proud!