16 October 2008

Akinola's ignorance shows again

Once again, The Most Rev’d Peter Akinola has either shown his ignorance or is practicing that art he’s perfected of rewriting history to suit his own purposes. Someone really ought to tell him to keep his mouth shut. You’ll find the article here.

Conservative Anglican Archbishop Peter Akinola of the Church of Nigeria criticized civil liberty organizations, especially those in the United States, for promoting a godless society through the removal of religious references in public.

Akinola, better known for his conservative leadership in the Anglican schism, noted that historic Christian symbols and phrases have been increasingly removed in American society, such as replacing "Merry Christmas" with "Seasons Greetings" on printed materials.

"[T]he founding fathers of the United States of America inserted 'In God we trust' in their coins but modern anti-Christ agents, in the name of civil liberties, are hell bent to erase God not only from the America currency, but also from the entire public domain including schools," he said, according to the Daily Trust newspaper in the capital city Abuja, Nigeria.

He described such actions as the “agents of anti-Christ determined to destroy Christianity.”

Addressing Nigerian Christian, the Anglican archbishop urged them not to “import” the “unwholesome practices” of the western world that has “chosen to remove the divine from their public domain.”

I was sure that was not correct. So I did some research. It took about two minutes to uncover the facts. According to the fact sheet of the US Mint, the phrase “In God We Trust” first appeared on coinage at the time of the Civil war. I believe that was Four score and seven years after the founding of the US. By that time, the Founding Fathers had been dust a long time.

But, ++Peter has never been concerned about facts or history. They are so inconvenient. He prefers to be the author of both so that they are what he says they are.

What is really alarming is that he dislikes civil liberties. He much prefers to be a dictator. That is so not like Jesus. Yet these roundheads think ++Akinola is going to save the world's Christians from apostasy. How revealing about them. I guess we can call ++Peter's organization the "Bigot Church" after all.