18 October 2008

Response to inhibitions in Schofieldland

David has released a stunningly brilliant reply that will send chills through 815 and will make the ABC run, not walk, to the local pub where he will have to knock back several pints before he can even breath again. Oh, the humanity.
Fresno, California
October 17, 2008

Anglican Holy Orders Valid in California and World Wide

On December 8, 2007, the Diocese of San Joaquin, by overwhelming majority vote (90%), became affiliated with the Province of the Southern Cone, a constituent national church in the worldwide Anglican Communion. The vast majority of the priests and deacons serving in the Diocese of San Joaquin, representing over 40 churches, chose to remain with Bishop John-David Schofield and the Diocese of San Joaquin and their Holy Orders were officially recognized by the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Province of the Southern Cone. Accordingly, those priests and deacons have been accepted as ordained Anglican Clergy across the world wide Anglican Communion.

The Episcopal Church no longer has any jurisdiction over the Anglican Clergy of the Diocese of San Joaquin, and any actions taken by The Episcopal Church concerning their ecclesiastical status within the worldwide Anglican Communion is of no force or effect.

Bishop Jerry Lamb publicly acknowledges this fact in his October 10th Friday Reflection by stating that his purported inhibition of Anglican Clergy in San Joaquin “implies no moral judgment of an individual clergy person. It speaks only about the person’s relationship to the Episcopal Church.

The person can of course function in another church that may recognize their ordination.”

+John-David Schofield
Anglican Bishop of San Joaquin
Well, first, that percentage that he loves so well is only ninety percent of the five - ten percent of the diocese that were delegates at that convention. They voted themselves into schism. Ninety percent of the people in the pews didn't vote to leave.

Notice that those who stayed, didn't stay loyal to the gospel as they understand it, but "to John-David Schofield." Schofield is right about that, it is a cult following. I believe it is called the Stockholm Syndrome.

And of course, they didn't stay loyal to the Diocese of San Joaquin because that stayed with TEC. But facts have never been part of David's equations. Facts only lead to the wrong conclusions -- and that would be anything that he doesn't want to hear or deal with.

Also, the clergy cannot have been recognized or accepted by the Southern Cone. The SC constitution and canons make no provision for doing so. David and Venebales, and those "accepted" clergy are delusional about that (there is that "fact" problem again).

It's interesting, and very revealing, that not only do Veneables and Schofield have no respect for the C&C of TEC or Anglican polity, they have absolutely no respect for the C&C of the Southern Cone.

As for the clergy being recognized by the whole AC, I want one of them to go to any province not presided over by a schismatic bishop and ask for a license. Again, David is deep in delusion.

The Anglican tradition is that inhibitions in one province are respected in all provinces. But, the fundamentalists (Roundheads) aren't Anglican. They are Calvinistic Puritans who subscribe to a counterfeit version of Anglicanism.

I wonder who David is trying to assure: the clergy who are being deposed or himself. I vote for "it's David." Why? Because David doesn't care about the clergy -- they were just a means to get what he wanted. In Schofieldland, people are expendable.

Thirty years ago, I jokingly said I should register the word Anglican. I should have done so.

Varus, Varus, give me back my eagles. :)