07 July 2009

Another victory for marriage equality

At 12.01 a.m. Tudesday, 7 July, 2009, Same-gender marriages performed in other states and countries became legal in the District of Columbia when Congress completed its 30 legislative day review of a marriage recognition law passed by the D.C. City Council in May.

Civil Rights supporters hailed this latest development as an historic landmark for same-sex couples throughout the country as it opens the way for the Council to pass a separate law later this year allowing same-sex marriages to be performed in the District of Columbia.

According to Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry,
I think there’s tremendous significance and opportunity in Americans seeing legally married gay couples treated with respect in our nation’s capital.
The measure that took effect Tuesday, the Jury and Marriage Amendment Act of 2009, immediately provides the city’s same-sex couples married in other jurisdictions with more than 200 rights, benefits, and obligations associated with marriage under D.C. law.

Conservatives in Congress are expected to introduce a bill to nulify this decision. But Wolfson is midly optimistic that justice will prevail.
One thing people really need to understand is that while we want to continue the advance in the District and other places, it’s only going to happen if we really build public support.
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