10 July 2009

The bishops, and the sound of toilets flushing

The Rt. Rev'd V Gene Robinson made a chilling comment on his blog, Canterbury Tales. In his report about the B033 hearing, he said
One alarming thing about last night's hearing was the fact that there were almost NO bishops present. Other than those on the committee (who HAD to be there), there were only five bishops present: Andrus (California), Beckwith (Newark) and myself, arguing for moving forward; Love (Albany) and Lawrence (South Carolina) arguing for continuing B033.

Other than these, no bishop was present to hear the two hours of voices from the Church appealing for progress.
Three years ago this was the bishop's resolution. Why were they not present to hear the debate on it?

Someone commented that "The bishops are tired of hearing about B033." I bet they are! But if they are tired of hearing about it, how do they think those who are forced to live it feel?

With few exceptions (and they are stellar exceptions) the bishops are out of touch with the church whom they were called and elected to serve. Apparently, once the mitre has been placed upon their heads the purple fraternity is more important than the people who just elected them. and pay their huge salary. There is very little accountability once the crozier is in hand. Perhaps we need to amend the constitution of the church to allow for a recall for dereliction of duty.

My own bishop, Mary, is a perfect example of this. In the "bishops walk abouts" wherein we learned the candidates' views on various issues. She declared herself committed to the full inclusion of GLBT members of the church. I heard her say that on three separate occasions. Yet, as soon as she was in a position to make the first move in that direction she sold the GLBT community right down the toilet.

Faith without Works is dead (James 2.20) and as far as I can see, the bishops' "faith" is as dead as Caiaphas.

Yesterday the ABC praised William Stringfellow, a gay man, as ‘the greatest Episcopalian theologian and perhaps the greatest American theologian of the twentieth century… not the least of the gifts which the Episcopal Church has given the rest of us.’ That folks, is an exact quote.

Yet, that same ABC asked TEC not to antagonize the bigots who want the GLBT community outside the front door of the church. I'm sorry, Rowan, but your actions make your words a total lie.

Jesus didn't wait for the religious structure of his day to come to one mind about the justice of God before he stepped into the deep, and TEC shouldn't wait, either.