06 July 2009

How to tell what resoution came from where

I am a "lifer" in TEC and I'm pretty knowledgeable about things Episcopal; however, I learned something today that I want to pass on to TTLS readers.

From the Integrity Known General Convention Resolution page:
The are 5 types of General Convention resolutions...
  • "A" resolutions from interim bodies--which are included in the "Blue Book" published before General Convention
  • "B" resolutions from bishops
  • "C" resolutions from diocesan conventions or provincial synods
  • "D" resolutions from deputies
  • "M" resolutions from diocesan conventions that "memorialize"--or express an opinion--on an issue to General Convention.
Resolutions are given 4-digit codes in the order they are received the General Convention Secretariat. Resolutions numbers with ### have not yet been assigned official numbers by the General Convention Office. Each resolution is assigned to a committee of General Convention and one of the houses. Resolutions type A thru D are actionable. Type M resolutions are for information only.
I did not understand the resolution numbering system until today.

The GC has an excellent site on the resolutions.
The list of resolutions can be narrowed down to focus on a particular Committee, House of Initiating Action, Legislative Source, or Topic. Check it out here.

As I learn more great GC09 sites, I'll post them on the sidebard "Following General Convention 2009":