11 July 2009

Quote of the day

This is the best statement of all the cyber ink that has been spilled today about GC09
The whole idea of the baptismal covenant is taken seriously here. The lay people are part of the structure, they are not left out … if you go to synod in the province, all you see on the platform is the purple colors.
So said one of the Anglican Communion visitors. Another visitor echoed Bishop Robinson's earlier statement. Dr. Jenny Te Paa, principal of the College of Saint John the Evangelist, Auckland, New Zealand, a guest of President Bonnie Anderson said:

I am a little surprised and saddened that too many Episcopalians are being affected by their sense of loss of face or vulnerability in belonging to the Anglican Communion. I am dismayed at the extent to which that seems to be prevalent.

I don't believe that that is so … it is not how I perceive the rest of the communion regard[s] the Episcopal Church to be honest.

Read the whole delightful story at Episcopal Life Online.

As tomorrow is Sunday, I will most likely follow TTLS's rule and rest from blogging posting only the weekly homily.

UPDATE: Dr. Te Paa's address to the convention is found here