09 July 2009

Christian Holiness and Human Sexuality study guide released to little fanfaire

In a related matter, the Chicago Consultation has released their report Christian Holiness and Human Sexuality a study guide for parishes struggling with sexuality issues. It is available in PDF format here. It has been received with very little noise.
  • Chapter One: Scripture and Marriage - A. Katherine Grieb
  • Chapter Two: Scripture: Sexuality and Sexual Orientation - Wil Gafney
  • Chapter Three: Arguments from Tradition- Marilyn McCord Adams
  • Chapter Four: Ethics and Moral Theology - Ellen K. Wondra
  • Chapter Five: Ritual Considerations in Same-Sex Marriage - Louis Weilasdf
The document is a good read and will be helpful in understanding B012 and D043, both dealing with same-gender marriages in the church.

D043 says, in part
Resolved, That under the direction of their bishop or ecclesiastical authority, and consent of the priest in charge and vestry, parishes may be designated as Inquiring and Discernment Parishes where the blessing of unions of two consenting adults will be permitted with the same level of care, commitment, and integrity expected in Holy Matrimony, but not currently permitted under the rubrics of Holy Matrimony; and be it further
In the explanation we find this wonderful statement "Jesus calls us to be peacemakers, not to be right."

For my money, I think B012 has a better chance of prevailing simply because it deals with the states where same-gender marriage is a reality. It's easier to deal with a reality than it is to deal with the "likelihood" of what is coming. Well, not easier, but easier to explain back home. Additionally, there are many bishops who are outright belligerent toward the House of Deputies seeing that house as inferior and the House of Bishops as the Holy Apostles. Any legislation that comes from the "lower house" will be unacceptable to those prince-bishops.

As for the House of Deputies, I think they would support B012 because it is good and also, the deputies have a history of sort of acquiescing to the bishops.

The Consultation held a reception that was quite well attended according to Episcopal Cafe and several primates were in attendance at the event.

For the text of D043, visit Friends of Jake where IT has posted the text and the explanation.