10 July 2009

B033 as seen though the eyes of a conservative

On Anglicans United, there is a good commentary by the Rev'd Todd H. Wetzel about B033. It's worth a read. Here is a quote
B033 will be overturned in the House of Deputies. It's a matter of perspectives. Relationships are tended to by the parish. The sacraments happen in parishes. Day in and day out, Sunday after Sunday we care for one another. The sacraments belong to us - they're ours to distribute as we will. Right? Not.

While I am part of a parish, my vision of the church need not be parochial. The parish is part of the church but it is not the sum total of the church - that's what it means to be catholic and not simply congregational. Of necessity, bishops exist to remind us of that simple but essential truth. That's why I believe the bishops will not concur with the Deputies in their desire to overturn B033.

Bishop are not like us. They're heads are in the clouds. Their role ought to challenge us to look beyond our feelings, our local relationships to the wider and greater Church - to the Mind of Christ. The Founding fathers of this Episcopal Church wisely required in our Constitution that both Houses concur on matters such as these.

If the House of Deputies were to uphold B033, they would clearly deny the feelings running so current in this Church. The heart would sorrow. But if the Bishops falter and find themselves in agreement with the House of Deputies in rescinding B033, it would be denying long standing catholic thought. The mind would falter.

Bishops and Deputies see things differently because their perspectives vary so widely. Bishops are not like the rest of us. Their heads are in the clouds.
He is absolutely correct, the bishops are out of touch with this church.

As Jesus told the authorities, "I have done nothing in secret," so the HOD has conducted all hearings on B033 in public - all were invited to listen and participate. The bishops didn't show up - except those who were forced to do so.

But, tomorrow the bishops will discuss B033 in executive session, a secret session, a closed to the Public session where they can be the fraternity they enjoy being and swear everyone to silence like the Skull and Bones Society. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if someone doesn't even break out the biscuits they bought last summer at Lambeth. I wonder, who will pour the tea? I'm sure one of the closeted bishops will be glad to play mother.

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