09 July 2009

The same gender marriage conversation today

I'm about to shock the socks off my regular readers, so, sit down and buckle the seat belts. Now, read all my post first before you scream.

Matt Kennedy covered the "debate" on the following resolutions:
  • C004 Full Participation of LGBT Community
  • C009 Develop Rites for Same Gender Unions
  • C017 Supporting Same Gender Relationships
  • C019 Amend Marriage Canons to Reflect Civil Law (this is the resolution I support)
  • C025 Amend Canon III.9.5(c.1): Recording Marriages and Civil Unions
  • C028 Developing Additional Gender-Neutral Language for Marriage Rites
  • C031 Rites of Holy Union for Same Gender Couples
  • C056 Liturgies for Blessings
  • D046 Baptismal Ecclesiology
Matt did a first rate job of recording most, if not all, of the comments made by those who spoke. and I encourage you to read his post. Avoid the comments, but read the post.

I want to draw attention to just one dynamic comments by Hannah Anderson a 17-year old who spoke in favour of inclusion.
I am here as a volunteer because I love church and convention. I am going to start with a story. I went to TEC summer camp for 9 years. I made many friends. One was named Arthur. He was gay. But at ten-years old we did not see him as different, just as a friend. Although he was accepted among us he was not accepted at home.

In his suicide note in Jr High he said he could not live in a world where he was accepted only one week of the year. People like Arthur should have role models and welcome in the church so that they do not have to commit suicide.
And that, folks, hit the nail on the head. If one cannot be accepted at church, where can one be accepted?

Okay, now pick yourself up off the floor and go read the comments. This may be the only time I ever recommend a post on "that site." Just do not read the comments.