15 July 2009

C061- gender identity; the bishops get it correct

An amended version of C061 has been accepted by the house of bishops. The major change is that the canon, if the house of deputies concurs, would say that "all baptized persons" have full access to any ministry, lay or ordained. The amended measure proposes a change to Title III, Canon 1.

In the bishops' version, the words"gender identity or expression, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disabilities or age" have been eliminated.

Instead, the bishops eliminated these descriptions. They felt that such terms were unnecessary and "perhaps even limit the resolution's primary intent of including 'all baptized persons.'"

I like the way Catherine Roskam, bishop suffragan put it:

What is it about 'all' that we don't understand? It's like trying to thank the ECW. There will always be someone's name you've left off. I propose we go with the 'all' and let it be 'all.'"
To that, I say, "amen."

The resolution goes back to the House of Deputies for consideration.

UPDATE: The house of deputies reject the bishops' amendment. The deputies prefer the original language what specifically states the categories of people included. So, "all" is out and "trans gender" is in.

Center Aisle has a good commentary on the "no" vote.