17 July 2009

Evangelism department completely eliminated

In an effort to balance the budget, thirty-seven "815" employees have been terminated. In a stroke of stupidity, GC09 has completely eliminate the evangelism department. What a gross, gross mistake.

Fr. Martin writes about this on Fr. T Listens to the World.
One of the most frustrating things about this unexpected development was that it follows right on the heels of the positive time I spent last week with the Evangelism Legislative Committee as they carefully crafted various resolutions. There were plans in place to host evangelism events with our ecumenical partners, create an innovative evangelism "toolkit," and develop training programs for evangelists, among other things. All these resolutions passed both Houses. I was quite enthusiastic about those proposals. But now, since the entire Evangelism program is gone, I'm afraid there will be no one to implement those excellent ideas. How sad.
Let's write and ask the bishops to give up a portion of their salary for the sake of evangelism.