13 July 2009

Lambeth Kool-Aid

Go read Elizabeth Keaton's post today. As usual, her post is balanced and informative and she used a term I used last August about the Lambeth experience. You'll find Elizabeth's post here. Here is a snippet
C056 a major resolution on same sex blessings has cleared the Prayer Book Committee by a huge margin (6-0 among bishops, 26-1 in deputies). This is a critically important resolution which will direct the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music SCLM), in consultation with the House of Bishops Theology Committee, collect and develop theological resources and liturgies of blessing for same-gender holy unions, to be presented to the 77th General Convention for formal consideration.

It also stipulates that all bishops, noting particularly those in dioceses within civil jurisdictions where same-gender marriage, civil unions, or domestic partnerships’ are legal, may provide generous pastoral response (B012) to meet the needs of members of this Church.

This, folks, is huge. HUGE.

It is expected to pass the House of Deputies and will then move on to the Bishops.

There's another breaking story that, until the other day, was being told in hushed terms. The "moderate" publication "The Center Aisle" had another story in this morning's edition.

"Lambeth Kool-Aid"

You hear the term in not-so hushed, concerned conversations on both sides of the aisle in the Exhibit and Convention Hall, usually in response to the question, “What will the bishops do?”

Some long-time deputies are lamenting that they’ve never seen the split so deep between the two houses.

Others refer to it as “a rift” between deputies and bishops. Our baptized sisters and brothers who wear varying shades of purple are being described, alternately, as “more conservative,” “anxious,” “fearful,” and even, “depressed.”

It’s about that time that the term “Lambeth Kool-Aid” begins to surface.
It's so nice when others pick up my terms. But in seriousness, Elizabeth points out one of the elephants in the room - the rift between the prince-bishops and the deputies. I think those who founded our church in the 1789 would be rather shocked to see which house was, or at least is attempting, to run TEC today.