15 July 2009

Fr. Scott takes on +Wright

Fellow blogger and new on-line friend the Rev'd Scott Gunn has taken Bishop Wright on in a game of bridge. Wright had arrogantly bid 7-no trump and he was Gunn'ed down by Fr. Scott. When the smoke cleared, Wright was down by 13-tricks.

Here is a snippit:
[Wright's letter] was all a justification for supporting the supposed conservative victims. The problem with the fiction of pastoral provision for conservatives is that they are not, in fact victims. No one has ever asked them to leave. No one has said women priests or straight priests have to be in every congregation. Congregations are free to call lesbians or WASPy men, as God guides them. No one will have to perform same-sex blessings. Seminarians can go to Nashotah House or EDS.

But it’s much more convenient to justify schism if one plays the victim card.

Let’s all be clear about two things. First, the Episcopal Church is (imperfectly, to be sure) trying to answer God’s mission imperatives in this place and in this time. Second, we are committed to our bonds of affection with our sisters and brothers overseas. To say otherwise is to distort the truth and to refuse to listen to what our General Convention and our Presiding Bishop have repeatedly said.

I strongly urge you to read today's post at Seven Days a Week. Trust me, you will be glad you. I think we should take Fr. Scott on the road with his rebuttal. We could call it "Have Gunn, will travel."

Why are you still here? GO!