18 July 2009

Who was elected? Who was appointed?

These are the people you need to know for the next three years. They will, basically, be running your church for you.


Executive Council
    +Wendell N. Gibbs
    +Mark Hollingsworth Jr.
    Sarah Dylan Breuer
    Stephanie T. Cheney
    Scott Evenbeck
    Stephen F. Hutchinson
    Francisco Quinones-Gonzales
    Katie Sherrod (fellow blogger!)
    The Rev. Silvestre Enrique Romero
    Deacon Terry Starr
    Sarah Dylan Breuer, apointed
Church Pension Fund
    +Wayne P. Wright
    +Robert H. Johnson
    + V. Gene Robinson
    The Very Rev. Tracey Lind
    The Rev. Thomas James Brown
    The Rev. Timothy Mitchell
    Martha Bedell Alexander
    James E. Bayne
    Canon Karen Noble Hanson
    Margaret A. Niles
    Edgar S. Starns
    Sandra S. Swan
Court for the Trial of a Bishop
    +Laura J. Ahrens, Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut
    +Robert L. Fitzpatrick, Bishop of Hawaii
    +Stephen T. Lane, Bishop of Maine
    +George Wayne Smith, Bishop of Missouri
    +Catherine M. Waynick, Bishop of Indianapolis
    William Fleener Jr.
    Diane Pollard
    The Rev. Francis Wade
    The Rev. Carol Cole Flanagan
Court for the Trial of a Bishop for an Offense of Doctrine
    +Laura J. Ahrens
    +Robert L. Fitzpatrick
    +Stephen T. Lane
    +George Wayne Smith
    +Catherine M. Waynick
    +Gladstone B. Adams II
    +Lloyd Emmanuel Allen+
    John C.Bauerschmidt
    +Mark M. Beckwith
Court of Review of the Trial of a Bishop
    +C. Franklin Brookhart, Bishop of Montana
    +Mary Gray-Reeves, Bishop of El Camino Real
    +Samuel Johnson Howard

Title IV Review Committee
    +Dorsey F. Henderson Jr.
    +David C. Jones
    +C. Wallis Ohl Jr.
    +Bavi E. Rivera
    +James Edward Waggoner