13 July 2009

The Rt. Honourable and Obtuse Rowan WIlliams

You must go and read Ruth Gledhill's small post today. She reports that Rowan
Told General Synod today that he 'regrets' the decision by The Episcopal Church house of deputies to overturn the moratorium on the ordination of gay bishops.
Now, where on earth did he get that. Could it be that he is incapable of reading the American English language? There is not one word in D025 that overturns the egregious B033. Yes, it sort of nullifies it, but it does not overturn it.

This is just another example of how the man cannot hear, read, mark, or inwardly digest. What he really means is, "those bloody colonials didn't do what I told them to do!". Ruth is correct in that the vote was really a snub to Williams who has shown nothing but contempt for TEC and its polity. And I say, the snub didn't go far enough.

Rowan went on to say
As for General Convention it remains to be seen I think whether the vote of the House of Deputies will be endorsed by the House of Bishops. If the House of Bishops chooses to block then the moratorium remains. I regret the fact that there is not the will to observe the moratorium in such a significant part of the Church in North America but I can't say more about that as I have no details.
Why is it he is still so concerned about TEC upholding the "moratorium" while he says absolutely nothing about the Global South continually breaking that same moratorium? TEC has not consecrated a single out, partnered bishop.

The so called "Global South" flagrantly breaks the moratoriums terms and has even fully embraced an organization that claims to be the Anglican Church in North America, something it is not. Yet Rowan is a silent as the tomb on that subject. He continues to try to placate former Anglicans who've left the communion for bigoted pastures. He will not get them back. But he is so bloody minded he cannot see the daylight.

George Conger reports that Bishop Sauls has called the ABC for his intentiaonl obtuseness. (And yes, that's the word I meant.)
The Archbishop of Canterbury has been misinformed about the purpose and import of Resolution D025, the Bishop of Lexington told The Living Church at a July 13 press conference at the 76th General Convention in Anaheim, California

On July 12, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams urged the House of Bishops to reject Resolution D025, saying “I regret the fact that there is not the will to observe the moratorium in such a significant part of the Church in North America but I can't say more about that as I have no details.”

Bishop Sauls said Archbishop Williams was “laboring under a misconception,” about D025 and had been misled by the “sensational headlines” surrounding the resolution, which circumvents B033’s ban on consecrating gay clergy by affirming that “God has called and may call such individuals to any ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church.”

He said he could “not get into Archbishop of Canterbury’s head” but if Archbishop Williams believed D025 offered anything new, he was mistaken. It simply “states the reality of this church.”

Minnesota Deputy Sally Johnson noted that D025 “does not repeal B033,” as it contained no language expressly overturning the 2006 resolution. General Convention was engaged “in a conversation on this controversial issue.”

The Rt. Rev. Michael Smith, Bishop of North Dakota, however stated that D025 was a “very serious issue in the life of the church,” and the bishops were “very sensitive” to the concerns of the wider church.

“We are aware of the gravity of the situation,” he said.
I really believe that Rowan is one of the worst ABCs in the history of the Church of England and certainly one of the two worst in the history of the AC.